Horror Books

Within the pages of these horror books you will face your worst fears. Scary stories that linger at the back of your mind long after you have set the book down, your heart racing, as you sense you are no longer alone.

Mullins Collection of Best New Horror

Edited by Aaron Mullins

Authors: Aaron Mullins | Kate Robinson | Gary Steward | Angela Kelman


Horror. The stories that keep you awake at night. The tales that have you checking underneath the bed. Or wondering whether that really is just a shadow in the corner of the room. In this collection you will find stories from four of the best new horror writers, all guaranteed to instil a feeling of dread deep into your bones as your shaking fingers struggle to turn the page.

This collection of short stories contains work from four authors, showcasing some of their best new stories of horror fiction.

A dark secret is revealed in My Natalie, a tale of vengeful love. A home with a hidden past threatens to destroy a young family in The House. The restless spirit of a young girl has to deliver an important message in Phantom Memory. Finally, thrill-seeking Melanie gets more than she bargained for as she explores the mysterious festival in The Secrets of Hidden Places. Ladies and gentlemen, the horror awaits.

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