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Aaron Mullins is an award winning, internationally published psychologist and Amazon bestselling author.

He started Birdtree Books Publishing where he worked as Editor-in-Chief. He partnered with World Reader Charity and sponsored English lessons in an under-tree school in India, before moving on to new ventures. Now semi-retired from academia and moved back to Scotland, he devotes his time to charity work, travelling and writing on the beach.

Aaron taught academic writing at Coventry University. As a fiction author he’s known for exploring the darker side of psychology in his work. He creates business guides for entrepreneurs and writing guides for fellow authors, and is also the designer behind the Mullins Made clothing brand.

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Aaron Mullins


Aaron has a first class honours degree in psychology and a PhD in business psychology. His achievements have been recognised with a number of awards, including the British Psychological Society Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement and the T.D. Lewis Scholarship for Excellence presented by the University of Northampton.

Military Adventures

Before studying to become a psychologist, Aaron served 4 years in the Royal Air Force, carrying out duties in conditions ranging from minus 40 degrees in Norway and Sweden, working with other NATO air forces in Belgium, and earning a medal for work in Northern Ireland.

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Aaron’s project work for the National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education included conducting research into enhancing entrepreneurship and business support in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, India and Nigeria, as well as stimulating enterprise in the UK. It was the skills and experience he gained supporting others with their business ideas that originally made him decide to become a full-time entrepreneur and launch his own digital publishing company.

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Author and Publisher

Mysteries and Misadventures: Tales from the Highlands was an Amazon bestseller in multiple mystery, crime and thriller categories

Aaron was the owner of Birdtree Books, a digital publishing company which published ebooks in a range of genres. With a very successful handmade gift shop that was in 30 shops across the UK, he also offered a range of personalised business startup support services. Birdtree Books featured in a number of newspapers throughout England and Scotland, partnered with World Reader Charity and sponsored English classes in an under-tree school in India.

Aaron writes about the knowledge he gained from this experience in his business startup guides. He is also internationally published as an academic, with many book chapters and journal papers published in 11 different languages around the world.

Mullins Made Clothing Brand

Aaron learned the intricacies of textile design while creating handmade products for his gift shop, including printed t-shirts and accessories. He enjoyed the creative design process, so decided to produce that creativity in a digital environment. He put his skills into creating designs that are exclusive to the Mullins Made brand. He shares these on the Mullins Made store on Redbubble.

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Personal Message

Thankyou for your support, it’s amazing to hear that you’ve enjoyed reading my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. It’s also an honour to be a part of supporting so many of your innovative businesses, there’s nothing better than knowing my books and talks have played a part in shaping your enthusiasm and passion into a workable business plan.

I love exploring the realm of psychology, both in my academic work and through the minds and behaviours of my most memorable characters. I have a daughter, Olivia, for whom I have to create these fantastical stories and characters on a nightly basis. There’s no feedback quite like the honesty of a child.

Aaron Mullins

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