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Books by Aaron Mullins include Amazon bestsellers in the crime, mystery, thriller and short story categories. Aaron’s most popular fiction books are his two anthologies of Scottish short stories. Aaron’s book How to Write Fiction: A Creative Writing Guide for Authors is a fantastic resource for writers and those interested in a publishing career.

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Scottish Urban Legends: 50 Myths and True Stories

A HUGE collection of Scottish Urban Legends, Myths and True Stories. The legendary stories that reveal Scotland’s mysterious past. Each tale is dazzlingly retold for a modern audience. Gather around the fireside and hear stories from a land filled with magic and mystery. Feel the rich history brought to life through folktales passed down through generations. Hear the true stories that lurk amongst these myths, some revealed for the very first time. Where is the most haunted road in Scotland? Who got caught cheating while playing cards with the devil? Which military camouflage suit got its name from a forest faerie? What ancient rhyme can summon a violent poltergeist? Roadside phantoms, cunning spirits and real-world killers, this enchanting collection has them all. From tales of great battles, to pagan rituals that are still performed today. Discover the locations where you can experience these for yourself, if you dare. Huddle closer to the fire, read the book and decide for yourself which of the legends are true.

Aaron Mullins Mysteries Misadventures Tales Highlands Books Crime Mystery

Mysteries and Misadventures: Tales from the Highlands

Ten tales set in the Highlands of Scotland. True childhood secrets revealed. In The Road Trip, a couple visit a guesthouse with a deadly history. In Secrets of the River, an unopened box and a young woman being hunted. With time running out, can she survive its secrets? In Equal To and Greater Than, attacked and humiliated, James must harness the power of his gifts. In The Gala Queen, a Halloween prank, a young girl dies and the boy responsible has got away with it, until the annual town gala. In Revenge of the Green Man, Charlie drags his friend into ever-crazier schemes. In The House on Lovers’ Lane, a missing boy, two girls lie to their parents and a dangerous dare goes wrong. In Call of the Nuckelavee, a woman stalks the sandy dunes, following the voice of her drowned father. In Black Dog in the Devil’s Bothy, a troubled woman faces her darkest fears. In Last Train South, a woman boards a train with evidence she must dispose of. In Stolen Peace, a nuclear biologist is hunted by killers who want him to return the item he stole.

“I could not put this down, the author just pulled you in from the very first page. Each story makes you stop and think about life and friendships.”

– Amazon Review for Mysteries and Misadventures: Tales from the Highlands ★★★★★
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Mullins Collection of Best New Fiction

Ghouls feed in the darkness of the London underground in The Orphaned City and a strange patient stalks the halls of a mental asylum in Inferiority Complex. Discover the charming smile of the mysterious Jack in Knowing Jack and the devious mind of Red in The Path I Set Upon. Jake develops an idea from an overheard conversation in Dreamworld. The revelations of Professor Westerham in Reflection question our very existence. Ryan is on a dangerous hunt for riches in The Hassam Legacy. Helen deals with death in Coming of Age. Terror claws at Meg when she hears her parrot speak in Scared to Death.

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Mullins Collection of Best New Horror

This book contains tales that have you checking underneath the bed, or wondering whether that really is just a shadow in the corner. In this collection you will find early stories from four horror writers. A dark secret is revealed in My Natalie, a tale of vengeful love. A home with a hidden past threatens to destroy a young family in The House. The restless spirit of a young girl has to deliver an important message in Phantom Memory. Finally, thrill-seeking Melanie gets more than she bargained for as she explores the mysterious festival in The Secrets of Hidden Places.

“Brilliant stories, really is something for everyone in there, loved going to bed and not knowing what was coming next, what kind of things I was going to read and feel, really added to the excitement!!”

– Smashwords Review for Mullins Collection of Best New Fiction ★★★★★
Aaron Mullins Author Books How To Write A Business Plan

Business Startup Guide: How to Write a Business Plan

A good business plan can show potential investors, banks or suppliers that your ideas will work, and help you shape ideas into plans of action. This brief simple-to-follow guide will provide you with an overview to help you create a strategy for success. It contains the six key sections that you should think about putting in your business plan, Executive Summary, Business Description, Market Strategy, Sales and Promotion, and Operation and Management. Download The Ultimate Business Plan: Free Template for free to use in conjunction with this guide to complete your business plan.

Aaron Mullins Author Books Ultimate Business Plan

The Ultimate Business Plan: Free Template

The Ultimate Business Plan: Free Template is a great resource for anyone starting their own business. Laid out in a traditional business plan format, this detailed overview has each section ready-made for you, simply add the details relating to your own business to have a complete and thorough business plan. This saves you time and ensures you don’t overlook any key aspects of your business startup. You will end up a document that you can show to banks, investors and suppliers in their desired format so they have confidence in your business, helping to secure funding and building strong working relationships.

These short stories just pull you in from the very first page. Brilliant stories with something for everyone to enjoy.”

– Amazon Review for Scottish Urban Legends: 50 Myths and True Stories ★★★★★
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