Books by Aaron Mullins

Books by Aaron Mullins include bestsellers in the crime, mystery, thriller and short story categories. Aaron’s most popular fiction books are his two anthologies of Scottish short stories. Aaron’s book How to Write Fiction: A Creative Writing Guide for Authors is a fantastic resource for writers and those interested in a publishing career.

Scottish Urban Legends: 50 Myths and True Stories

A HUGE collection of Scottish Urban Legends, Myths and True Stories. Legendary stories that reveal Scotland’s mysterious past. Each tale dazzlingly retold for a modern audience. Hear stories from a land filled with magic and mystery. Hear true stories, some revealed for the very first time. Discover the locations to experience these for yourself.

Aaron Mullins Mysteries Misadventures Tales Highlands Books Crime Mystery

Mysteries and Misadventures: Tales from the Highlands

Ten tales set in the Highlands of Scotland. True childhood secrets revealed. A couple visit a guesthouse with a deadly history. An unopened box and a woman being hunted. A young boy thinks he has got away with murder. A woman follows the voice of her drowned father. Discover these stories and more in this collection of Highland tales.

How to Write Fiction: A Creative Writing Guide for Authors

Updated re-release coming soon!

“I could not put this down, the author just pulled you in from the very first page. Each story makes you stop and think about life and friendships.”

– Review for Mysteries and Misadventures: Tales from the Highlands ★★★★★
Aaron Mullins Books Short Stories Fiction Crime Mystery Thriller

Mullins Collection of Best New Fiction

Ghouls feed in the darkness of the London underground. A strange patient stalks the halls of a mental asylum. Discover the charming smile of the mysterious Jack and the devious mind of Red. Revelations question our very existence. A dangerous hunt for riches. And many more stories.

Aaron Mullins Scottish Legends Mythical Creatures Monsters Folklore Tales

Scottish Legends: 55 Mythical Monsters

A MAMMOTH collection of Scottish Legendary Creatures and Mythical Monsters. All the best Scottish folktales are here, from Kelpies and Selkies, to Scottish Big Cats and fairies straight from your fairytales. And the most famous Scottish legend of all, The Loch Ness Monster.

Scottish Killers: 25 True Crime Stories

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“Brilliant stories, really is something for everyone in there, loved going to bed and not knowing what was coming next, what kind of things I was going to read and feel, really added to the excitement!!”

– Smashwords Review for Mullins Collection of Best New Fiction ★★★★★
Aaron Mullins Books Horror Short Stories Crime Thrillers

Mullins Collection of Best New Horror

Stories from four horror writers. A dark secret is revealed in a tale of vengeful love. A home with a hidden past threatens to destroy a young family. The restless spirit of a young girl has a message to deliver. Thrill-seeking Melanie gets more than she bargained for exploring the mysterious festival.

Aaron Mullins Author Books How To Write A Business Plan

Business Startup Guide: How to Write a Business Plan

A good business plan can show potential investors, banks or suppliers that your ideas will work, and help you shape ideas into plans of action. This brief simple-to-follow guide will provide you with an overview to help you create a strategy for success.

Aaron Mullins Author Books Ultimate Business Plan

The Ultimate Business Plan: Free Template

A great resource for starting your own business. Laid out in a traditional business plan format, this detailed overview has each section ready-made for you. Simply add details relating to your own business to have a complete business plan.

“These short stories just pull you in from the very first page. Brilliant stories with something for everyone to enjoy.”

– Review for Scottish Urban Legends: 50 Myths and True Stories ★★★★★

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Dr Aaron Mullins Psychology Books

Psychology Books by Aaron Mullins

Dr Aaron Mullins is an award-winning, internationally published psychologist. He has a First Class Honours Degree in Psychology and a PhD which explored how our psychological perceptions can affect our emotions and behaviour. His achievements have been recognised with a number of awards, including the British Psychological Society Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement and the T.D. Lewis Scholarship for Excellence presented by the University of Northampton.

Discover fascinating insights into the way people think with this range of psychology books by Dr Aaron Mullins.

Manage your mind, learn to understand your thoughts and behaviour. See the impact that our perceptions have on our own lives and the world around us. Read, understand, heal.

Dr Aaron Mullins Psychology Books

The Effect of Perceptions of Social Responsibility on Community Resilience to Flooding

A book chapter by Dr Aaron Mullins and Dr Robby Soetanto looks at one of the main psychological areas that has been highlighted as having the potential to affect decision making at community level: perceptions of social responsibility.

Academic Publications

Soetanto, R., Mullins, A. and Achour, N. (2016) The perceptions of social responsibility for community resilience to flooding: the impact of past experience, age, gender and ethnicity. Natural Hazards, 86 (3), pp. 1105-1126.

Mullins, A. and Soetanto, R. (2013) Ethnic differences in perceptions of social responsibility: informing risk communication strategies for enhancing community resilience to flooding. Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal,  22 (2), pp. 119-131.

Mullins, A. and Soetanto, R. (2011) The role of social responsibility for enhancing community resilience to extreme weather. publication. Poster presentation at the World Conference on Disaster Management, 19-22 June, Toronto, Canada.

Mullins, A. and Soetanto, R. (2011) Enhancing community resilience to flooding through social responsibility. “Social and economic impacts of flooding”, special issue of the International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, WIT Press.

Mullins, A. and Soetanto, R. (2011) The impact of perceptions of social responsibility on community resilience to flooding events. Proceedings of TIEMS Conference, 7-10 June, Bucharest, Romania.

Mullins, A. and Soetanto, R. (2011) Exploring the effect of perceptions of social responsibility on community resilience. In Flood Hazards, Impacts and Response for the Built Environment, Proverbs, D.G., Lamond, J., Booth, C. and Hammond, F. N. (eds.). CRC Press. ISBN 978-1439826256.

Mullins, A. and Soetanto, R. (2010) Enhancing community resilience through social responsibility. Proceedings of the 3rd International World of Construction Project Management Conference, Coventry University, 20-22 October, pp. 259-268. ISBN 978-184600-0409.

Mullins, A. and Soetanto, R. (2010) Investigating the relationship between perceptions of social responsibility and community resilience to flooding: a definition, context and methodology. Proceedings of FRIAR Conference, 26-28 May, Milan, Italy.

Mullins, A. and Soetanto, R. (2010) Flooding in the Built Environment: The Roles of Social Responsibility and Risk Perception in Extreme Event Decision Making. Proceedings of CIB World Congress, 10-13 May, University of Salford.

Mullins, A. and Clegg, H. (2009) Testing the sociometer hypothesis: the effect of mate value on self-esteem. European Human Behaviour and Evolution  Association/CULTAPATION Conference, 6-8 April, University of St. Andrews.

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