Beaches for Writing Inspiration

The relaxing sound of the waves. The soft crush of the sand beneath your feet.

It’s no wonder that a walk along the beach is just what a writer needs to clear their heads of daily tasks, relax them, and release their imagination. Many studies have shown that a walk on the beach lowers stress and blood pressure, boosts mood and has many positive effects on mental health. All things that can also boost creativity for writers. Read More


5 Places in Paris for Writing Inspiration

Paris is a fantastic source of inspiration for writers.

When we think of the French capital, it conjures up images of fashionable people, streets lined with cafΓ©s and beautiful buildings. There’s always the smell of great food and the hint of romance in the air.

The City of Light is also an inspirational place for authors who enjoy writing mysteries, horror and adventure books. We all know about the skull-lined catacombs that lie beneath the Parisian streets, holding the remains of six million people.

So with both the dreamy and the darkness in mind, here are my top 5 places in Paris for writing inspiration: Read More

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