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Ayrshire Authors: Writers and Books Set in Ayrshire

famous ayrshire authors ayr writers club books set in ayrshire magazine troon prestwick novels

Famous Ayrshire authors. Top 10 writers and books set in Ayrshire, Scotland. Ayrshire writing community, spotlighting Ayr Writer’s Club and Ayrshire Magazine.

Writing Fiction in a Dystopian Reality: How 2020 has Lost the Plot

Writing Dystopian Fiction Books Police Brutality Protest Black Lives Matter Covid 19 Coronavirus Lockdown

2020 dystopian stories. In 2020 writers of dystopian fiction, worlds and society have coranivirus covid-19 stories, black lives matter stories, lockdown stories and masks which have become reality instead of dystopian fiction books.

Creative Writing Inspiration and Ideas: 10 Beach Writing Prompts

Aaron Mullins. Author, Writer, Books. Tips. Guides.

Beach writing inspiration. A list of beach creative writing prompts for authors. Good beach short story ideas for writers looking for creative writing inspiration.

5 Places in Paris for Writing Inspiration

Aaron Mullins. Author, Writer, Books. Tips. Guides.

Best places in Paris for writing inspiration. Authors find inspirational writing ideas here. Writers find creative writing inspiration, so book yourself onto a Paris writers retreat.