5 Places in Paris for Writing Inspiration

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Paris is a fantastic source of inspiration for writers.

When we think of the French capital, it conjures up images of fashionable people, streets lined with cafés and beautiful buildings. There’s always the smell of great food and the hint of romance in the air.

The City of Light is also an inspirational place for authors who enjoy writing mysteries, horror and adventure books. We all know about the skull-lined catacombs that lie beneath the Parisian streets, holding the remains of six million people.

So with both the dreamy and the darkness in mind, here are my top 5 places in Paris for writing inspiration: Read More

Free Poem: Broken

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Yes I know this is a poem in the free stories category. It’s the only poem I intend to share with you. I don’t write poetry. But one day, I did.

I actually wrote this poem at one of the lowest points in my young life. Everything felt like it was falling apart and I was expressing my emotions in a lot of ways, one of the more positive of which resulted in this poem. Read More

Free Short Story: Rapunzel’s Lament

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The second free short story that i’m going to share with you was actually the second assignment on my Creative Writing module, when I had just started writing again as an adult. Read More

Free Short Story: Rainy Day in Paris

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Rainy Day in Paris is the first free short story that I would like to share with you. It is far from being my best work. In fact, it was one of my first as an adult!

Even though I was majoring in Psychology for my undergraduate, I was allowed to choose two elective modules. I could have went for something more academic, but the love of writing from my childhood made my choice for me: Creative Writing. Read More

Mullins Made Clothing Brand

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Mullins Made Brand: Our Origins

The Mullins Made clothing brand was born from the handmade side of Birdtree Books publishing. I was screen-printing customised artwork onto t-shirts, which proved to be very popular. I really enjoyed the creative design process, so I knew that once I moved on from my publishing business I would find a way to still attain that creativity. Read More