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Average Length of Fiction Writing: 6 Forms with Typical word counts

Novel Book Average Word Count Short Story Word Length Novella Novelette Epic Flash Fiction

The six main types of fiction writing forms are flash fiction, short story, novelette, novella, novel and epic. The average word count, or typical length, for each fiction writing category can be found here.

Writing Fiction in a Dystopian Reality: How 2020 has Lost the Plot

Aaron Mullins Author Writer Black Lives Matter Protest

2020 dystopian stories. In 2020 writers of dystopian fiction, worlds and society have coranivirus covid-19 stories, black lives matter stories, lockdown stories and masks which have become reality instead of dystopian fiction books.

Scottish Dialect: An Author’s Guide to Highland Dialogue


A writer’s guide to Scottish accents by author Aaron Mullins. Writing Scots dialogue for book characters, with examples of Scots dialect from the Highlands of Scotland.

Top 10 Tips for Writers: Author Advice

Aaron Mullins. Author, Writer, Tips. Guides.

Top 10 writing tips for writers. Author advice for your creative writing. Includes novel writing tips and short story writing tips blog.

How to Win Writing Competitions

How to Win Writing Competitions Author Writers UK Contests

How to win writing contests guide for authors of short stories, poetry, flash fiction submissions to writing competitions. Win 500 words contests, short story competitions. poetry contests, young writers competitions.