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Free Short Story: Rapunzel’s Lament

The second free short story that i’m going to share with you was actually the second assignment on my Creative Writing module, when I had just started writing again as an adult.

Free Short Story: Rainy Day in Paris

Rainy Day in Paris is the first free short story that I would like to share with you. It is far from being my best work. In fact, it was one of my first as an adult! Even though I was majoring in Psychology…

Mullins Made Clothing Brand

Mullins Made: Origins The Mullins Made clothing brand was born from the handmade side of Birdtree Books publishing. We were screen-printing customised artwork onto t-shirts, which proved to be very popular. I really enjoyed the creative design process, so I knew that once I…

How to Win Writing Competitions

How to Win Writing Competitions

Writing competitions are a great way to give yourself a deadline, focus your mind and produce your best writing. This article will show you how to win writing contests.