Free Poems: Broken

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This free poem was originally composed in the style of free verse poetry many years ago.

2021 Update: An updated version of the poem shown below, composed at the start of the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown, has been chosen as a winner of the Passing Time competition and will be displayed on train station billboards throughout Renfrewshire.

This is part of the Renfrewshire Mental Health Arts Festival, which will be displaying the best poetry winners, on the theme of mental health.

The free verse poem underwent many revisions, becoming a more structured poem. Is it a love poem? Probably not. It’s the aftermath of a breakup. It’s sad poetry, an ending verse of love poems, where the love has unfortunately faded. Like most of our best poetry, this free poem started out based on personal events, but then became fictional poetry as the story progressed. This poetry is free for all to enjoy.

Best Poetry

This poem is based on events that have happened in the lives of my friends and the things I have seen them go through. It was emotion that I was able to capture in almost a short story form, but required a more emotional format, without the need to compose a full story arc and character development.

I simply wanted to write a poem that related to how people I care about felt at that time – which was broken. I also wanted to remind people that, no matter how broken you feel, you can recover and learn to love yourself again.

Free Poem: Broken

Broken bottle on the sand
Message wrote in broken hand
Read aloud to broken cloud
A broken voice that once was proud
Broken spirit and broken will
Dreams of life lay broken still
Broken words where tears have run
Will I always be the broken one?

‘No’ whispered my broken soul
‘For broken hearts can be whole’
‘Love yourself, the broken you’
And in that moment, I broke through
Belief returned on broken wings
To a place where broken hope begins
A broken dawn where pain’s hold ceases
And I can gather all the broken pieces

Sad Poetry

As with all the best poetry, the reader often connects to different parts of the poem, finding interpretation and meaning which relate to their own lives.

It’s not your average, positive home poem that you might hang on a wall.

Like most of my writing, despite being sad poetry, it does contain hope at the end. For some, this transforms it into an inspirational poem.

It will never rank among the famous poems. However, like much poetry, it contains a little piece of the author within its verse. It’s a poem about life and love and loss.

Free Poetry Contests

If you are have composed your own poem, you will find free poetry contests on my huge Writing Competitions List. There you can enter your poem into any of the free poetry competitions.

You could also submit your poem to any poetry magazine or journal on my List of Best UK Literary Magazines. Many of these poetry publications allow poem submissions all year round.

Best of luck with your writing!

Aaron Mullins

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  1. I am so thankful that found your blog. Poetry is an arrangement of satisfaction and torment and marvel, with a scramble of the word reference.


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