Free Poem: Broken

Aaron Mullins. Author, Writer, Books. Tips. Guides.

Yes I know this is a poem in the free stories category. It’s the only poem I intend to share with you. I don’t write poetry. But one day, I did.

I actually wrote this poem at one of the lowest points in my young life. Everything felt like it was falling apart and I was expressing my emotions in a lot of ways, one of the more positive of which resulted in this poem.

It’s not actually based on anything that happened in my life. It was more the emotion that I was able to put in almost a short story form, but didn’t have the physical energy or mental space to compose a full story arc and character development. I simply wanted to write something that related to the way I felt – which was broken.


Broken bottle on the sand
Message wrote in broken hand
Read aloud to broken cloud
A broken voice that once was proud
Eyes that broke before the sun
Broken words where tears have run
Broken love by broken friend
A broken heart time would not mend

Betrayed by speaker of broken vows
A false love that broken sight allows
A broken heart I tried to hide
Broken by pain I kept inside
Broken record, failed to start
Most of all a broken heart
A broken spirit, a broken will
Reality a dream that’s broken still

Broken glass still on the floor,
Evidence of a broken law
A broken bed where love once lay
Holds broken body on this day
Broken luck that had run dry
A broken lover that had to die
Paid the price for broken trust
A broken promise and a night of lust

I fly now with my broken wings
To a place where broken hope begins
A broken dawn where pains hold ceases
And I can gather all the broken pieces

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